Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Maureen

Well I have had a few busy weeks, most of you know that my job was terminated from "Michaels" but not to worry, I accepted a new job and start Tuesday at Home Sense, I am going to miss my buddies but not all the %^#&@*@&@^, so look for many more posts to come in the following weeks, I have done several cards but this one I am especially proud of, my favourite sisterinlaw Maureen turned 65 last week and I decided to do a Minitrifold scrapbook card, thanks to my buddy Gail for the link for the pattern for it, I love brown and blue and followed that color scheme, my daughter Nicole and hubby Don are on the left, my grandsons Wesley and Milo are next, aren't they cuties, hubby and me when we were in Jamaica in April, our new wee man due in December and of course Bryan and his lovely Katie are on the last picture, its a fun card to do especially for someone so special, She loved it!!!!

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  1. Wow, your card/mini album came out AMAZING, I can only imagine how thrilled Maureen was to get this beautiful keepsake...... I also Luuuurv blue and brown together.
    All the best for your new career, I'm sure you'll be happier without the grief that came with the other place.
    Toodles ;)