Monday, June 20, 2011

I know, I know, one card was duplicated

Okay, I loved it so much I posted it twice, no I didn't I am not computer savvy enough to remove the picture, but here are a few more cards!!

A very successful weekend

As most of you know, I had my first card show this weekend in support of Hearth Place, a wonderful cancer support centre, well my buddy Karen and I were at this amazing garden in Greenwood, thanks Tom and Gerrie for your hospitality, well I sold 34 cards, got an order for 5 cards, and was asked to teach a womens group on how to make cards so that pleased me, it was a very hot day but very fun and was well worth all the time and effort I put into my cards. So now its time to clean my craft room, that will take me all of a day and give my card making a rest and get my house cleaned. Thanks Karen for all your love and support also my golden girl buddies for all your encouragement. Here are a bunch of my cards that I had for sale!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

I am still alive

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been on the blog lately, but I have been rather busy, my Japanese card that I did got some attention, and I was asked by Artists in the Garden, a local fundraiser for an amazing place called Hearth Place, a cancer support centre, for the Durham region, well I was asked to be an artisan at their fundraiser so I took on the challenge, well my goal first of all was l00 cards, well I have completed l56, yes thats one hundred and fifty six cards, so I have spent every waking moment I have, remember I work fulltime as well, every morning, every day off, every weekend off, doing cards, I have loved every minute of it and am so pleased with my work. I have posted some pics of my craft room, I am a messy worker and one of my cards, I will post some more next week but I have done a large variety of cards and can't wait for Saturday, my dad made me my card stand, my hubby has put up with a messy house and alot of dinnerless nights, but I am so happy with what I have done, I will let you know how I made out next week, anyway will be back next week, hope everyone is well!!