Sunday, July 3, 2011

Room all cleaned and ready for more cards!!

Okay, I am a messy worker but my room is all cleaned up and ready to go again, its funny because everything else in life I do I clean as I go, but doing cards I am very messy, its okay, I can close my door when I am finished and not worry about it, but its all cleaned, it might look untidy but I know exactly where everything is and my copics are all back in their home location.


  1. It is always fun to have a look around in someone elses craft room. Don't you wish they would come up with a good way to stor our punches? I have mine much the same as yours!

  2. I'd say you're a "a little Punch Happy" can't get enough of those gorguss punches, have to say it's one of my faves in a craft room.... Limitless possibilities. You should challenge yourself to making a card with each and every punch and post it!! Wooohooo, you can do it!
    Thanks for sharing your space with us.
    Happy Crafting!!